How to Choose an Emergency Roadside Assistance Plan


When your vehicle breaks down, it’s a relief to have emergency roadside assistance to the rescue, anytime of day or night. But how do you choose the right plan? There are many providers, and the programs they offer are just as varied. What do you have to consider to find the plan that fits for your needs to a T?

Covered Services

Look for the basics, like lost-key or lockout service, towing and jump-starting, fuel delivery, extracting your car from snow or mud, flat tire changes and the rest. Certain companies and organizations have several plans, each one with its unique price and benefits. Just be sure to go over the fine print, along with the FAQs.


Richfield Emergency Roadside Assistance¬†Plans usually bill for annual membership, although some will charge per month or per incident. Yet other programs either give out discounts or collect surcharges for the initial year. If you’re not that familiar with a plan, see if it’s possible to avoid a long-term commitment.

Destination of Towed Vehicles

Know where your car will be towed under the plan you are considering. It will probably go to a nearby repair shop or one that you pick within definite limits – around 100 miles for an elite plan and about 5 miles for basic coverage. If you want the car towed farther than the limits, you need to pay extra.

Service Call Limits

You are typically given four Richfield Towing service calls over a yearlong membership period. Beyond that you may lose coverage or be required to pay out-of-pocket. The rules can really vary so it’s important to be fully informed about every plan you’re considering.


Most plans contract with local repair shops as well as towtruck operators. Some have so many service providers scattered across the U. Know if the plan you’re interested in has providers within in your area or where you may travel.

Vehicle Eligibility

Plans often cover passenger vehicles, although some will offer enhanced or separate coverage for RVs, trailers, motorcycles and sometimes bicycles.

Additional Benefits

Know what other benefits are provided by the plan you’re considering, such as reward offers for stolen vehicle recovery, trip interruption insurance, repair service warranties, trip-planning tools, car repair discounts and the rest.


As in any purchase you make, research whether the group that’s offering you a roadside-assistance plan has complaints files against them at the Better Business Bureau. Find out what others think about the provider on the complaint boards. Explore online reviews too, but make sure to read third-party consumer websites to avoid fabricated testimonies. Lastly, ask around – perhaps a friend, relative or coworker can recommend the provider they’re using.


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